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Fitness Gadgets to Help You Stick to Your Resolutions

Fitness Gadgets to Help You Stick to Your Resolutions | Loren's World

You’ve made your resolutions, you’ve got your stylin’ new workout gear, so what’s next? How do you actually make those resolutions stick? Whether you’re headed to the gym or you’re pounding the pavement as a runner, there’s a few gadgets out there that just may help you keep those resolutions throughout the entire New Year. Not sure what you need to get the job done? Here’s a look at a few fitness gadgets to help you stick to your resolutions.

RunPhones Wireless Headphones – What’s worse than uncomfortable earbuds when you’re trying to run? When the wires get tangled everywhere. Try RunPhones wireless headphones for a comfortable workout, with the speakers built right into a soft, moisture-wicking headband.


HyperIce Vyper 3 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller – Are foam rollers your thing? How about taking it to the next level with a foam roller that includes built-in massagers? Not kidding. This thing packs a serious punch when it comes to relieving stiffness and muscle pain.


Skulpt Aim – Want to know exactly how much body fat you have on each area of your body? This little device is accurate and easy to use, and will give you the info you’re after. Measuring both body fat percentage and muscle quality, this device will help you easily track your progress over time.


Minisuit SPORTY Armband + Key Holder – Leave all the fumbling around aside, and invest in this genius little tool to keep your music and keys all in one convenient spot. Forget having your phone bounce around in your pocket and forget dealing with tangled earbud wires, this keeps everything in one spot throughout the duration of your entire run.


The Hug Hydration Tracker – Tracking your water intake can be pretty tough, especially when you have a busy workday ahead of you or your on-the-go. In comes, The Hug, a little band to add to your water bottle that helps keep track of your water intake and reminds you when you need more H2O.

Fitness Gadgets to Help You Stick to Your Resolutions | Loren's World

Microsoft Band – Want something that offers some of the sweet fitness features of the iWatch, but not quite ready to spend that kind of dough? In comes the Microsoft Band – smooth, sleek and barely noticeable like a FitBit, but with way more features. This will keep you tracking everything around the clock.

microsoft band

How about you? Got any favorite workout gadgets that are helping you stick to those New Year resolutions?