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Experts Sound Off: Myths, Truths, and Hacks for Your Hair

Chances are you've heard countless hair myths. There are enough to offer contradicting advice for any and every tip. Well, today, once and for all, these hair experts are chiming in and breaking down the myths that cause unnecessary confusion. Plus, learn which tips actually work. Read on for all the juicy insider info.

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Experts Sound Off: Myths, Truths, and Hacks for Your Hair

Myth: You get sick when you walk out of the house with wet hair.

Truth: You don’t actually get sick, but you DO cause more damage to the hair because it becomes less pliable and is more vulnerable to breakage

Hack: Use a beauty tool such as AQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Towel, which improves absorbency and comfort to minimize damage and cut down on drying time when walking out of the house. – Butterfly Studio Salon’s senior stylist, Jill Engelsen


Myth: Cutting your hair frequently/regularly helps your hair grow faster.

Truth: Hair actually grows from the root, not the ends, so while cutting regularly may help reduce split ends, it doesn’t speed up hair growth

Hack: Use a nutraceutical vitamin to speed up hair growth. Nutrafol contains natural, clinically proven ingredients to promote thicker, fuller, faster hair growth.


Myth: You only get gray hair when you are old.

Truth: Gray hair is a result of the loss of pigmentation and can happen at any age.

Hack: Mask gray hairs in between in-salon color appointments by using a hair marker such as Touchback which seamlessly covers grays with real hair color in seconds. – Butterfly Studio Salon’s expert colorist, Anastasia Georgas


Myth: Hair processing leads to breakage.

Truth: If done the correct way, you can get treatments that help to lift your color faster and reduce the amount of breakage (i.e. olaplex to reduce processing time as it lifts color faster). – Butterfly Studio Salon’s expert colorist, Tamara Defelice