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Everything You Need To Know About #28DaysOfWeightLoss

We’re starting the year with a new challenge! The 28 DAYS OF WEIGHT LOSS challenge officially begins JANUARY 1st – tune in each day for incredible pro-tips and education to live your best life by becoming the healthiest version of yourself! Last night we shared what to expect and how to prepare for an amazing month of wellness. Watch the replay now! Looking forward to joining all of you next month.

Join Dr. Deedra, Dennis Franks, Melanie Nelson & Sosan Hau this coming Tuesday, Dec 29 at 9:00 pm  EST for an All-Star TLS Overview covering the 28 Days of Weight Loss campaign and why TLS.

Streaming live on

Register in advance: HERE

You can join in at any time and it is OPEN to EVERYONE & ALL MARKETS!

TLS is a PERSONALIZED approach – so be sure to take your TLS profile here to find out Which of our programs is the perfect fit for you!


If you are new to TLS, we recommend starting with our essentials!

Isotonix Multi-Vitamin or our Daily Essentials Kit – to supplement deficiencies in our diets

Trim Tea or Trim Café – a 3-pronged approach to healthy weight management

TLS Nutrition Shakes – Chocolate & Vanilla – as a great source of protein & fiber to keep you feeling full. They are a great solution to convenience meals, cravings and meal skipping.

The CONTENT for the 28 days will be fun and educational, assisting you in staying on track. There will be 15 min Facebook LIVE’s each day of the Week at 11 am EST.

All Content is Streaming live on

Mindful Monday – Sosan Hau, RD

Tune Up Tuesday – Melanie Nelson

Wednesday CHECK IN’s – With Dennis, Dr. Dee, Sosan, Melanie & Loren Ridinger

Tone up Thursday – Dennis Franks

Fired Up Friday’s – Melanie & TLS success stories

Saturday – Educational videos to keep you progressing

Sunday –The weekly Recipes and Grocery List will be posted

Your goals, Your first steps, TLS Meal Plans & what to do about the inevitable Cravings! You are encouraged to post about your personal journey to inspire others and increase your accountability as you join our TLS campaign – be sure to use the HASHTAG #28daysofweightloss!


Jan 6 at 9:00 pm EST – Our first measurements of Success, The Biology of Weight loss – how your hormones, digestion etc.. all play a part in your progress. REGISTER HERE!

Jan 13 at 9:00 pm EST – TLS life hacks. The food personalities & products that match them. REGISTER HERE!

Jan 20 at 9:00 pm EST – TLS life hacks. Always prepare for what is next. The importance of Detoxification. REGISTER HERE!

Jan 27 at 9:00 pm EST  – TLS life hacks. Finish Strong – Start Strong. REGISTER HERE!

Jan 28 at 9:00 pm EST – TLS life hacks. Completion & Celebration. REGISTER HERE!

January 29th we will launch a second round with our 30-day Jump Start Kit and Program – we hope you will join us for that as well!

Unfranchise Owners please feel free to join us on our TLS Coaches group.Please request to join here and then wait 3 seconds for the ADMIN QUESTIONS to come up and answer those to be admitted.


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