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Egg Freezing & Canapés: The New Trend Among Millennials

egg freezing

With more career-focused women than ever putting a hold on starting a family to focus on their careers, or refusing to settle in the search for Mr. Right, egg freezing & canapes is a fast-growing trend among millennials. Did you know that your chances of conceiving a child naturally start declining after age 34? There’s no need to panic, but experts advise that you can freeze your eggs with good chances of conceiving up until the age of 39 yrs.

Egg Freezing & Canapes: The New Trend Among Millennials

egg freezing

Although originally a fertility option for women undergoing cancer treatments or suffering from infertility, egg freezing is the new trend among millennials. Since 2009, egg-freezing has increased 11-fold.

Is egg freezing for me?

If you’re aged between 30 -39 yrs. you’re a great candidate for freezing your eggs if you plan to start a family in the future.

How much does egg freezing cost?

Prices vary between facilities and states, but the average cost of the entire process is between $10,000 – $15,000. Like with all trends, there are some major market disruptors emerging. Extend Facility in New York, for example, offer lower costs than most competitors.

Visit this blog for more information about the steps included involved with freezing your eggs.


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