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6 Easy Ways to Recover from NYE

Happy New Year and congratulations! You survived 2016 and, hopefully, had a blast last night welcoming the new year. Considering how challenging 2016 was, no one can blame you for partying it up as you bid it farewell. But if you’re ready to greet 2017 with a fresh pair of eyes, you’re going to need to recover from last night’s festivities. Ready to face the new year? Read on for some easy tips on how to recover from your NYE.

6 Easy Ways to Recover from NYE

#1. First of all, get some rest. No one ever said you had to start your resolutions exactly on the first. Give it a few days. They’ll likely stick a little better.

#2. But if you insist on doing something, getting out for some fresh air couldn’t hurt. Get up and take a walk around the block. Getting some fresh oxygen will help you feel more energized and awake.

#3. Also, do a little light stretching. These simple yoga poses are so easy, you can do them at your desk.

#4. This should go without saying but, hydrate! If you want to take it a step further, these infused water recipes are delicious and incredibly refreshing. Continue to hydrate throughout the day, slowly, until you feel replenished.

#5. Give your skin a little love. Try this one-step DIY face mask or simply give your face a good wash with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Rinse with cold water and pat dry. It’s amazing, trust me.

#6. Lounge in your pj’s, stream your favorite shows, and relax. You deserve this day off. xo

How are you recovering from NYE? Let me know in the comments!


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