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Docu-Series: Screw You Cancer with Caitlin Brodnick

Have you heard about Caitlin Brodnick, the 28-year-old comedian who has decided to document her journey through a preventative double mastectomy in the video series, Screw You Cancer? This is one brave (and smart!) young woman. Cancer is prevalent in her family and after medical testing, Caitlin was positive for the BRCA1 mutation (the same gene mutation as Angelina Jolie). Because of this mutation, Caitlin is much more likely to develop breast cancer than the average woman and so, she’s decided to take preventative measures.

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Docu-Series: Screw You Cancer with Caitlin Brodnick

"With a family history of breast cancer and BRCA1 test results that show she has a higher risk of developing breast cancer, NYC comedian Caitlin Brodnick decides to undergo a preventative double mastectomy. Glamour follows her on her journey—one she approaches with humor, honesty and empowering resilience."

While she was preparing for the surgery, Caitlin realized there really isn’t much information out there for women who decide to get double mastectomies and thus, the Screw You Cancer docu-series was born. With the help of Glamour magazine, we can all learn about Caitlin’s journey and what it means to have the BRCA1 mutation. Because of her choice, she now has a less than 1% chance of developing breast cancer.

Her series starts October 9 - who wants to tune in with me?