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Dating Hacks: 12 Proven Ways to Snare a Man's Attention

dating hacks

I may not have been single for a long, long time, but many of my incredible girls are, and I hear the same stories from them time and time again. The guys you meet but don't like are all about you, and the ones you want seem to run a mile; sound familiar? Here are a few dating hacks to help you snare a man's attention positively whether you spot him out, get set up on a blind date or swipe left on your preferred dating app.

Dating Hacks: 12 Proven Ways to Snare a Man's Attention

1. Radiate high, positive energy when you're around him. Human beings are naturally drawn to happy, positive people.

2. Exude open body language to make you seem more approachable.

3. Smile genuinely and be friendly to him and everyone around you during your date.

4. If things go well and you exchange numbers or usernames, follow him on Instagram.

5. Keep strong eye contact while you talk. Everyone loves to feel a connection to the person they're talking to.

6. If he makes you laugh, break the touch barrier and gently touch his arm.

7. Channel your inner goddess and exude confidence. Real men adore confidence in their woman.

8. Avoid playing games like purposefully trying to make him jealous. Men see right through this trick, and it can act as a huge turn-off.

9. Don't try and get your friend to drop the 'my friend likes you' line. This tactic usually fails because both men and women are wired to be attracted to confidence and people who aren't afraid to go after what they want.

10. Smile your beautiful, natural smile when you talk about things you're passionate about while looking him in the eye to help create those feelings of connecting on a deeper level.

11. Don't be afraid to smile at him when you walk past him and say hello. Sometimes men wait for a sign before they come over and talk to you.

12. If you exchange numbers, don't get overexcited and come on too strong. Wait a little bit before you text him back sometimes. Don't be too available. Focus on deep, meaningful conversations that make him realize what a great catch you are.

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