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Committed To #28DaysOfWeightLoss

So far I have lost 3.5 pounds but more important I feel amazing! You really can eat well on this TLS Slim Program. I’ve always hated those programs that limit you from eating the things you love and lack informative direction on why your daily choices are so essential to the success of your journey. Recently I’ve enjoyed baked zucchini, our delicious vanilla shake and garden salads. Trust me, I miss eating my usual carbs! I’m committed to seeing results at the end of the month and know I have to make sacrifices. How are you coming along on your journey? If you haven’t lost any weight yet that’s totally normal. Every body reacts differently. Stick to your plan and track as you go!

Don’t forget to join us TONIGHT at 9pm EDT for our nest live session. Register here:

TLS Vanilla Shake Topped with Fruit & Almonds

Baked Zucchini

Fresh Garden Salad

Watch our latest LIVE for #28Daysofweightloss:


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