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Chelsea Tresidder Uses the Thrill Me Palette

Chelsea Tresidder Uses the Thrill Me Palette, thrill me, influencer, get the look, motives

Today, we have another influencer using Motives® Cosmetics. The gorgeous Chelsea Tresidder of @chelseasmakeup played with the Thrill Me Palette for the ultimate spring look full of bright shades and pops of color. Learn what the Thrill Me palette can do for you! Beauty advisors, we love to share these makeup looks for your benefit! Share this look to show your customers how Motives® can be used to create fantastic makeup!

Chelsea Tresidder Uses the Thrill Me Palette

Get the Look:

EYES: Thrill me palette (“epic” all over the lid and blended into the crease, “stoked” blended into the inner corner and onto the lid a bit)
MASCARA: black fiber lush mascara
BRONZER: Hampton socialite bronzer
BLUSH: thrill me palette “radiant”
HIGHLIGHT: presses blush in “Halo”
LIPS: lip pencil in “tender” to outline and filling in the lips with that “radiant” color

Shop this post:

Motives® Thrill Me Palette, Motives® Cosmetics, $49.99


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