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Body Checking: Love Your Body NOW

Body Checking: Love Your Body NOW, body checking, quit body checking, love your body, body positive, body positivity

Body positivity is major right now. Everyone is spewing that self-love rhetoric and trying their best to love themselves as they are. At the same time, fitness is huge. It seems like everyone has a before and after weight loss pictures on their Instagram. Yup, society today is not easy.

Body Checking: Love Your Body NOW

It’s easy to get sucked feeling negative toward your body. It’s easy to feel like your body is not enough, which leads to body checking. Body checking is when you check your body in the mirror to see if there’s been a change. I do this and I feel as though so many women out there do it as well. We’re living our everyday lives and then stop to lift up our shirts in the mirror to see if we’ve gained weight. We obsessively check pictures of our bodies to see how they look like. It’s time to stop! It’s the same as weighing yourself or measuring yourself rather than accepting the body you have now. It affects anxiety and depression and is detrimental to your mental health. I want to remind you that you are enough and there are ways to stop body checking now!

This video from an expert should help:


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