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Blue Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes Tutorial with Aurora Makeup and Motives


I bet this tutorial will change your mind when it comes to wearing blue eye shadow! The super talented Aurora Makeup played with our blue shadows and liners from Motives Cosmetics and came up with this stunning work of art – you can really see how the blue makes brown eyes pop. Check out the pictorial blue + step by step directions with links to all products below. xo


Blue Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes Tutorial with Aurora Makeup and Motives
pictorial to make your brown eyes pop with motives by loren ridinger 

1. Apply Eye Shadow Base
2. Place & blend Pressed Eye Shadow TWILIGHT on the crease
Place on the outer mobile eyelid & below lower lashes Pressed Eye Shadow MIDNIGHT 
3. Hightlight inner corner and brow bone with Pressed Eye Shadow LIQUID and place since inner corner up to center of the eyelid Pressed Eye Shadow CRYSTAL BLUE
If you want add some glitter in the inner corner with GLITTER ADHESIVE & Glitter Pot in CELEBRATE
4. Line your top lashes with Gel Eyeliner in LITTLE BLACK DRESS & apply in the waterline Khol Eyeliner ELECTRIC BLUE
5. Add false lashes and apply Lustrafy Mascara in BLACKOUT in top and lower lashes

1.Aplica la prebase de sombras
2. Coloca y difumina la sombra de ojos TWILIGHT en el pliegue del ojo. Coloca en la parte externa del parpado movil la sombra de ojos MIDNIGHT
3. Ilumina el lagrimal y el hueso de la ceja con la sombra blanca LIQUID y aplica desde el lagrimal hasta el centro del parpado la sombra de ojos CRYSTAL BLUE. Optionalmente puedes agregar brillos con el pegamento GLITTER ADHESIVE  y los brillos en plata CELEBRATE
4.Delinea las pestañas postizas superiores con el gel delineador LITTLE BLACK DRESS y aplica en la linea del agua el delineador Khol en color ELECTRIC BLUE
5. Aplica pestañas postizas y mascara de pestañas Lustrafy en color BLACKOUT tanto en la parte superior como inferior



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