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Best Exercises for People Who Sit at Desks

Sitting at a desk all day long can be pretty tough work. A full work day is a long time to sit still, and staring at a computer screen for multiple hours can be pretty exhausting. Remaining in a seated position for more than eight hours a day isn’t the most natural position and can result in stiff joints, tense muscles, back pain and even a lifetime of terrible posture. If you’re feeling like you’re doing too much sitting and not enough moving, you’re probably right. Here’s a roundup of exercises for people who work at desks – it’s time to get those muscles moving and the blood pumping!

Chair squats. Lower your desk chair as far as it will possibly go and stand in front of your chair. Place your feet about hip distance apart and lower and stand, squatting until you hover just above your chair. Try repeating those about 20 times, a few times a day.

Triceps dips at your desk. Want to work that upper body after sitting for hours a day. Just stand up, turn around and put your feet on the floor about hip width apart. With the palms of your hands on the front edge of your desk, bend your elbows and knees for some great tricep dips. Repeat about 20 times, a few times a day.

Wrist stretches. Feel like you’re starting to suffer from all that typing and using a computer mouse? Stretching your wrists can offer some huge relief. Lean your hands and fingers on the edge of the desk, pushing your palms forward and giving those wrists a good stretch. Try this for about 10 seconds, multiple times a day.

Back stretch. This one is as simple as it gets, but might provide some of the most fantastic relief. Stand up with your feet firmly planted on the floor, about hip distance apart. Bend at the waist in a forward fold motion, try to touch your hands to your toes or go only as far as your body will let you. Hang out here for a few seconds, multiple times a day. Your back will thank you for this one.

Leg lifts. Keep the blood flowing in those legs by taking a quick break to get moving. You actually don’t even have to get up for this one. In the sitting position, with your knees bent, simply lift one leg at a time – and wiggle those ankles and toes while you’re at it! Repeat about 20 times on each side whenever you’re feeling restless or like you need to move. You can even do this one while you’re on the phone.

Simple stretch. Sometimes you need to raise your hands in the air and stretch those arms. Reach way above your head and even grab each opposite elbow for an added boost. Stretching at least once an hour can help you reenergize and refocus.

Do you work at a desk all day long? What types of exercises do you do to keep your body moving?