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Why Should You Use Rose Water For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be a nuisance that no one would ever wish to be a victim of. It has a reduced or zero tolerance to anything that comes into contact with it. 

That means you have to keep off chemicals, dyes, fragrances, dust, and any other irritants that may react with your skin. Remember, the chemical, in this case, includes the beauty products you may apply to your skin.

Luckily, you can reduce the inflammation and other annoying symptoms of sensitive skin by using products from Argan Oil shop/oil for oily skin for example, or identifying your skin irritants and avoiding them altogether.

A good example of the above skin products is rose water, a distilled extract from the rose flower. According to Healthline, rose water can have multiple benefits to your skin and overall health. If you would like to learn more about it, below are the top three reasons why you should use rose water for sensitive skin.

It Soothes the Skin

As mentioned earlier, the skin may easily flare up when it comes to contact with irritants such as pollen, soaps, and certain make-up products. It might also crack from exposure to dry weather, and intense heat. The irritants could essentially be anything.

Another thing you should note is that the skin may react in different forms. For instance, it can bleed, become itchy, inflamed, or even develop rashes. Whatever the symptoms, rose water will help to reduce the discomfort on the skin to give you peaceful moments. 

A report by PubMed Central confirmed that rose water has plenty of phenolic compounds. That implies that the product can be used for various pharmacological applications like treating inflammation, inhibiting genetic mutations in bacteria and viruses, and countering the multiplication of cancer cells.

These chemical compositions of rose water, coupled with its deep penetration properties, can give you a long-term solution for your skin sensitivity.

It Has Plenty Of Antioxidants

You have probably heard about antioxidants and the magical effect they can have on your skin. And if you have never heard of them, we will give you a breakdown of what they are and how they work. 

Antioxidants refer to substances that protect the skin against damage by eliminating or reducing free radicals and unstable molecules produced by skin cells when exposed to allergens. You can get all the above anti-oxidative benefits by applying rose water to your affected area.

2019 report by research gate confirmed that Rosa damascena petal extract (rose water) is composed of tannins, triterpenoids, saponin, flavonoids, and other great polyphenolic compounds which are known for their anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. 

That explains why rose water had traditionally been used for various medical purposes and still is today.

It is Great For Healing the Skin

Sensitive skin is prone to all types of bacterial and viral infections. However, rose water can help you kill most of those disease-causing microbes and keep your skin healthy. A study by PubMed central shows that the phenolic compounds in the rose water are antimutagenic. 

That implies that they inhibit the change in the genetic materials of bacteria and viruses on the skin. The inhibition of the mutation, in turn, makes it possible for the other compounds of the Rosa damascena petal extract to kill the bacteria and other pathogens.


As you can see, rose water is all-star material that can mean the world to your skin. It has a wealth of phenolic compounds that make it ideal for healing inflammation, soothing the skin, and countering other skin complications for peaceful living. 

However, this does not mean all rose water products are safe for your consumption. Some products may contain allergic ingredients that can do you more harm than good. So, before you land on the use of any product, kindly check through the elements to ensure that none of them can react with your skin. Shop my favorite rose water here!


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