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VIP Beauty Lounge Recap – Enhancing Your Superpowers

Last night was so special for me to share with you all the true message and inspiration behind my new palette with Motives, Super Power Mattes. My special VIP guests of the evening included Director of Motives, Skincare and Layered Jewelry, Kim Ashley, Motives Creative Consultant, Maria Checa, and some incredible Motives Beauty Advisors who we wanted to shine a light on for their recent achievements.

My Favorite Moments of the Night

  1. My number 1 favorite part of the night was listening to all of you share about your superpowers and how empowered you feel through and through.

“In life I always tried to fit in but now I always try to stand out.”

Motives Beauty Advisor and powerhouse woman, Dawn M. Florio

2. When Motives Beauty Advisor and Field Consultant, Leigh Raeder, guided us through a tutorial of my look from the campaign

I’m pretty sure we completed the look in under 10 minutes! You can get the look by watching back the event or even with this tutorial located on the Motives site.

Check out these gorgeous ladies who shared their selfies!

3. Reading all the positive and supportive comments in the chat box as others were speaking

It is amazing to see so many men and women supporting each other. We are such a fierce community! #MotivesNation

“We all have a choice to live a courageous life or a common one.”

Loren Ridinger

Though this palette was inspired by my favorite shades and superpowers that I identify with, it was truly inspired and made for all of you. I want you to realize the superpowers that live within you so you can live out your most courageous life. Watch the full video of last night’s event and let me know what your favorite part was by connecting with me on social!

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