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The Makeup Accessory That Will Step Up Your Makeup Game

We’ve all been there…you apply foundation on the back of your hand to get it out of the bottle/tube before you apply it onto your face. Then, you walk out the door with a blotch of foundation on your hand. Well, Motives has solved your problem with the new Hand-Held Mixing Palette.

Maximize your mixing skills with the Motives® Hand-Held Mixing Palette — an essential makeup accessory to keep on your vanity or in your artistry kit to mix all your favorite formulas easily, cleanly, and safely. Whether you use the palette to mix serum/SPF into your foundation, mix one of the new Sublime Luminizing Jellies with your favorite eye shadow, or just to apply product to keep the back of your hand free of unwanted stains, you will find more ways than one to take advantage of this innovative tool. It cleans off easily with a makeup wipe or your favorite cleaner.

Some benefits to the Hand-Held Mixing Palette include:

  • It’s lightweight and wearable, this palette makes mixing and shade matching a breeze
  • You can create custom colors and finishes with ease on this palette
  • It’s travel-friendly size fits perfectly in your makeup bag
  • 100% acrylic palette is hygienic and easy to clean

How to use the Hand-Held Mixing Palette

Slide palette over your non-dominant hand, with handle side facing into palm. Apply any product you want to customize or color-match directly onto the clean palette. Use it to blend or to simply hold your product and keep your hand clean. Be sure to clean the palette between uses, using your favorite cleanser or mild soap and water.

You can shop the new Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette now on


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