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Spring Skin: Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

spring skin

Spring officially starts on March 20th which means it’s time to rotate our closets and upgrade our skincare routine to achieve that oh-so-beautiful dewy spring skin. As the climate switches from cold and dry to humid and moist, our skin adapts to the environment and rebalances your natural oils which demands a seasonally tailored skincare regime.

Spring Skin: Upgrade Your Skincare Routine
1. Polished Perfection

We sweat and tend to exude more natural oils during the spring, so it’s important to buff away dead skin and dirt regularly to achieve glowy skin. Exfoliate three times per week for best results.

2. SPF is Your BFF

A moisturizer or foundation with an SPF is crucial to maintaining youthful skin. Many SPF products can block pores and cause breakouts, so invest in non-comedogenic products.

3. Hydrate Intelligently

Add hydration heroes to your water such as cucumber, lemon, and mint to hydrate your skin from within and aid digestion.

4. Invest in Your Eyes

The skin around our eyes is thin and delicate, so needs a little extra TLC. Invest in an eye cream that delivers deep hydration with age-defying and anti-puffiness superpowers.

5. Balance

Spring brings rain and humidity, meaning the skin is more prone to look and feel greasy. Re-balance your skin’s natural oils with a lighter, less oily moisturizer or serum.

6. Be Picky

Opt for reputable makeup brands that don’t contain parabens or mineral oil to allow the skin to breathe.

7. Double Cleanse

The first cleanse removes pollution and makeup whereas the second removes dust, dirt and other nasties to leave your pores squeaky clean. The double cleanse should be an all-year-round ritual, not just a spring fling.

8. Pamper Time

A professional beautician can expertly extract dirt and blockages to leave your skin clean, less prone to breakouts and hydrated.

What’s your top spring skin tip? Tweet me @lorenridinger.


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