Spring Cleaning Your Skincare Cabinet

Spring Equinox is tomorrow! It is time to declutter and let go of stagnant energy. Let’s start your annual spring cleaning with your skincare cabinet. Throughout the year we buy so many products to try, gifts, and let’s not forget those free Sephora samples you get with every order. Here are 5 tips to help you spring clean your skincare collection. 

5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Skincare Cabinet

Layout all your skincare products.

We tend to forget all that we have shoved into our drawers, cabinets, makeup/toiletry bag and storage bins. It’s best to empty everything and lay your products out. This will help you see what you are working with and help you organize your stash better. 

Dispose of unused and expired products.

We tend to forget when we first opened or purchased a product, so having products past their expiration date has become a habit. The longer you keep a product, the more of a chance that bacteria can build up and cause skin issues such as breakouts and irritation. A pro-tip is to mark your products with a permanent marker when you open them. Serums usually expire in sixteen months, sunscreen in three years, moisturizers in eighteen months, and treatments in a year. Lumiere de Vie actually marks their expiration dates either on the top edge of their tubes or are marked on their jars. 

Remember you only really need the essentials. 

The more products you have in your possession, the higher the chance that you forget about them and go to waste. You only need the essentials: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and SPF. A simple step routine in addition to your daily SPF is all you need. Plus, it is way easier to keep track of four products rather than fifty. Shop.com has an amazing selection of skincare value kits for every skin type.

Wash your skincare tools and makeup brushes. 

Our skincare tools and makeup brushes tend to build up in product and bacteria. The less you wash them, the more of the chance you will have skin issues. These products go straight on to your face and are supposed to be a more hygienic alternative to applying skincare and makeup. If they are not washed, they lose their purpose. Try your best to wash them weekly, at least!

Get a facial.

It is time to start the season fresh! We build up so much dead skin from the dry, cold winter months. It is time to shed our old skin, and glow into the new. I love facials! They are so relaxing and I feel revitalized and refreshed afterwards. A treat from me to me. 

I hope you loved these tips. Stay tuned for Monday! I will be releasing a blog on how to refresh your makeup kit with tips from my favorite, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Jackie Gomez.



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