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Skincare Habits You Need To Cancel ASAP

At what age did you start using skincare products? It’s crazy to hear that some people don’t lock down their skincare routine until they are in their late 20s or early 30s. The skincare industry has gotten better with marketing and more importantly, educating the youth to start early. If you are still testing products and still have no idea what glycolic acid is, don’t stress. Skincare products can be very confusing to most but once you do a little digging, the process of finding a skincare brand you love is so rewarding. Believe it or not, great skin doesn’t just happen. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting monthly facials or investing in luxury products. These are my top habits you need to stop immediately if you want your skin to appear flawless.

Don’t touch that pimple

We are all culprits of this. Me included! If you’re obsessed with pimple popping watch videos on Instagram and stop touching your face. The only person who should be digging their fingers and facial tools into your face is a professional. Unless you’re ok with having a bunch of tiny scars on your face…break this habit! 

Daily exfoliating isn’t helping your skin

Just because you have oily or combination skin, it doesn’t give you the green light to exfoliate daily. All skin types shouldn’t be exfoliating daily. Trust me I know how amazing my face feels after a much-needed scrub. Less is more applies to this habit! Schedule in exfoliation about 1-2 times a week and invest in a gentle scrub.

Sleep more to look fabulous

Achieving the “I woke up like this” face means you actually have to have a good nights rest. This is a hard one for me since I’m a huge night owl and work better when everyone else is catching up on their sleep. I’m slowly trying to break this habit and get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. 

SPF is the holy grail

The sun and UV rays are no joke. Wearing sunscreen daily is a must even if you’re not going to be laying out in the sun. The biggest misconception with sunscreen is that you only need to wear it if you’ll be going to the beach or pool. Did you know UVA comes through car windows? Lather on your SPF first thing in the morning to protect your skin from all rays. Don’t forget to apply your SPF down your neck and hands! Although I highly suggest investing in great sunscreen, the best way to slowly get on the SPF train is buying makeup with SPF already added. 

Never sleep with your makeup on

This is the first rule of skincare I taught Amber because it’s the most important! Aside from having a layer of makeup on your face, think about how many times you touch random objects and your face throughout the day. Your phone alone has so much contact on your face and it’s important to have a clean slate every morning/night. One of my little secrets is if I know I’m going to have a long night I always leave a pack of makeup wipes in the car or my nightstand! Here’s my favorite daily cleanser at the moment if you’re still on the search for a product that’s right for you.


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