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How to Unwind After MAWC

As World Conference comes to a close, I am looking forward to unwinding after this long amazing weekend. With all the craziness that comes with a career and events, it is very important to unwind and check in with yourself. Here are five ways I unwind to recharge myself after a long productive event. 

5 Ways to Unwind

  1. Guided imagery This is another form of meditation that will allow your mind to relax and drift off into your happy place. I like to imagine that I’m laying out at a beach on the coast of Spain. You can travel anywhere that makes you happy. It will calm your mind. 
  1. Progressive muscle relaxation After hours of sitting through the general session and breakout sessions. Your muscles are going to need some relaxation. To relieve tension, lay down on your bed, yoga mat, or any comfortable flat surface. Start by tensing the muscles in your face, and then release. Work your way down your body, tensing your shoulders, then your abdominals, until you get to your toes. You can do this every night to maintain total relaxation and show your body some love. 
  1. Take a bath When it is time to log off Zoom, disconnect completely. You deserve some quiet, alone time in a warm tub, away from any technology. This helps my mind and my body relax. I like to set the mood with dim lighting, candles, and relaxing music. Also, take the time to do your skincare routine. Massaging in every product. 
  1. Write it down An amazing way to release emotions is to write them down. This introspective exercise is a great way to relax. You can practice free-writing or think of prompts you want the answers to. You can also just focus on words that come to mind if you are stuck. This is also great to make peace with matters that have caused your stress or negative emotions. You must let go of these feelings that are not serving you. You deserve to shine!
  1. Spend time in nature This is essential for overall mental health! Go for a walk, lay by your pool, go to the beach, or have some tea on your balcony. Appreciate how beautiful this world is and how blessed we are to be alive. These simple acts can help you reduce tension, stress, and anxiety. 

You all deserve to relax after all the hard work you do. Give yourself some love and do one of these 5 ways to unwind. Tell me your favorite ways to unwind. Comment below!


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