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Haircuts To Try During Your Next Appointment

I love haircare because you can have so much fun with it. From fun colors to unique hairstyles, the possibilities are endless when you walk into a salon. I’ve been rocking blonde for a few years now and don’t trust many people when it comes to doing my hair. Celebrity hairstylist, Mylo Carrion is my secret weapon. Mylo and I go way back! He’s been doing my hair for years and traveling with me around the world. I can literally fall asleep in his chair knowing I’m in great hands. He’s so talented and is now part of the family. Be sure to follow him for more hair inspiration or book an appointment if you’re in New York. Mylo believes our hair will always be the best accessory! Check out these fun styles to consider the next time you walk into a salon. 

Choppy & Bold

Effortless Layers with Color Dimension 

Modern Day Shag

Textured Blonde Babe

Curtain Bangs


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