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Gift Glamorously: Send a Motives Gift Card This Holiday Season

gift card

Gift cards allow us to pick out our perfect gift on our own time. So, in keeping with the spirit of giving this holiday season, let’s give ourselves a little more peace and our gift receivers a little more of what they want. Keep reading for more reasons on why you should send a Motives gift card this season.

Gift Glamorously: Send a Motives Gift Card This Holiday Season

motives gift card

They’re Convenient.

What glamorous woman isn’t obsessed with the latest hair and makeup products? Gifting beauty queens the Motives gift card allows them to pick out something they really want or need to add to their collection

They’re Easy to Use.

Once your gift card receiver activates the gift card per the instructions, they’re ready to go.

They Let the Recipient Choose What They Want.

You might think the person you’re shopping for would love the Lumière de Vie® Skincare Value Kit (and trust me, they would!) but maybe they just ran out of a few makeup essentials and would have preferred to stock up on those instead of skincare. With a gift card, you give them the option. And, they can always mix and match between cosmetics and skincare for the perfect Motives shopping spree.

They’re Inexpensive to Mail

If you purchased a gift and had it sent to your home, wrapped it, and had it shipped back out to your loved one, you’re going to spend a small fortune on shipping alone. Even if you have the gift sent directly from the manufacturer, you’re still going to incur a shipping cost of at least a few dollars, unless you come across a free shipping promotional code. With gift cards, you have none of that worry. They are very lightweight, and, if you are sending an Egift card, you have the added advantage of instant delivery and zero shipping costs.

Shop Motives Gift Cards here.

Happy glamorous gifting!


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