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Get ready for MAIC 2021 with Lumi-sticks

The new shades of Lumi-Sticks are here and I am obsessed! Lumiere de Vie is back with their fun shade names. The three new shades are Beach Bae, Boss Beach, and Karma is a Beach. Beach Bae is a champagne color perfect for highlighting. Boss Beach is bright magenta, great for blush and a bold lip. And Karma is a Beach is a brick red with shimmer, awesome for eyes, cheeks, and lips!

Lumi-Sticks are the perfect way to getting the irresistible luminosity of a beach-kissed glow. They are packed with skin-nourishing ingredients to help condition and hydrate while adding gorgeous, subtle color to your skin. Perfect for skincare lovers and a plus for makeup lovers. Let’s get ready for MAIC 2021 with all of our Lumi-Sticks!

First things first, apply and blend just a little concealer to brighten the under eyes and the high points of your face. Choose your shade of Lumi-Stick, and then dab and blend it with your fingers or a brush onto desired areas for a radiant glow. I personally do a contour shade, then blush, then a highlight shade. Amber likes to start her look with a touch of Resting Beach Face on her lips. 

For the final touch, add a little mascara, and you’re done! For a quick fix on the go, dab a little onto the cheeks and lips to brighten skin instantly.  Can also be smoothed over the collar bone and shoulders for an extra, eye-catching glow. 

How do you use your Lumi-Sticks and what are your favorite shades? Comment below!


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