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3 Ways to Land Instagram Sponsorships From Your Favorite Beauty Brands

Social media platforms have become an always-on avenue to drive sales for businesses. Beyond traditional ads that businesses create by themselves, sponsored user-generated content such as social media review posts and tutorial videos are a very effective type of marketing. 

Opportunities for sponsored posts are available to seasoned content creators as well as newer, micro-influencers. If you’ve built an audience on social media and are looking for ways to monetize it, sponsored Instagram posts are a great way to start, even if your following is small. 

Read on to explore how content creators can work with their favorite beauty brands as product reviewers, affiliate marketers, or online brand ambassadors, even if they have a smaller follower count. 

Find out about tactics such as sharing unsponsored quality content to get their attention, using a video resume to pitch to the brand, and even signing up to an influencer-matching platform like Scrunch. 

Start with creating quality contentunsponsored! 

Surprised? Hear us out. By creating quality content, you can get on the radar of your favorite beauty brand as a loyal customer. Video content is the fastest, most eye-catching way to stand out among the user-generated content that tags the brand. 

You can consider creating a review video, ‘Get Ready With Me’ #GRWM video, vlog, funny sketches, or even a how-to makeup tutorial using your favorite beauty brand’s products. Don’t forget to blend it with your individuality and highlight the benefits of the brand. It’s a tried and true way to get the attention of the brand and showcase your ability to make enjoyable content. 

If you incorporate good storytelling in your video post, the brand might even leave a comment or engage with the post. This will build a relationship as they might acknowledge your work. Frequent interactions like these will not only give you massive visibility but will also increase the chances of you landing sponsored Instagram posts. 

Be consistent and be creative to see results with this approach. There are also features on Instagram like ‘Remix’, which is similar to TikTok’s Duet feature where you can select an existing Reel to make a reaction video or collaborate with creators all over the world. Check out this blog on how to Remix a Reel

Tie in with trends and Instagram’s latest features 

It’s no secret that using the latest features on Instagram helps the algorithm and skyrockets your reach and engagement. Most brands experiment with new features and are on the lookout for ways to innovate. A beauty brand might use an AR filter to highlight its USP or launch a new product. For example, Givenchy has created several AR filters for Instagram over time. If you’re a creator that keeps with trends, you could jump in and use the filter and that could put you on their radar. Be witty and innovative and that could raise the beauty brand’s eyebrows! 

It’s important not to neglect your follower’s likes and dislikes while creating such content though. Mix and match your content while growing your profile, so that you don’t neglect your audience while trying too hard to impress your favorite beauty brand.

Using filters, stickers and polls can increase the visibility of your content and this could also mean increased opportunities to land Instagram sponsorships. The most engaging format on Instagram has to be Instagram Reels and Stories. Tagging the brands you love in your posts is totally fine, as long as it’s not spammy. Once you have a collection of content, brands would also be more open to work with you. 

Pitch yourself with a video resume  

There are a lot of ways to pitch yourself but a video resume helps you stand apart from your competition. A video resume has the power to move the viewer. It helps you showcase your personality along with your work. You get the space to express yourself creatively while showing you mean business. A regular resume doesn’t have that kind of impact without your presence, don’t you agree? You can create a video montage that talks up your skills, passions and journey in 90 seconds. You can even completely tailor your video resume to specifically target a beauty brand and show them why you’d be a good addition to their list for influencer marketing. 

If not, consider using your video resume on an influencer marketing platform such as Scrunch.

Ready to land Instagram sponsorships? 

When you’re ready to create a video resume or take your video content to the next level, consider using a powerful, free online video editor that makes your work smooth. Good luck gathering sponsorships on Instagram!



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