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Beauty Blunders: How to Fix Your Mascara Mess

Mascara is one of the best tools in your makeup arsenal, giving eyes a wide-open and glamorous look, but there is no doubt finding the perfect one is a chore. Even though it’s a favorite, it’s also one of the most temperamental products around – going from gorgeous to clumpy and goopy in a moment. So how do you keep it clean, clump free and working for you rather than against you? Here’s a roundup of some of the best tips for how to fix your mascara mess asap.

Beaut Blunders: How to Fix Your Mascara Mess | Loren's World

Beauty Blunders: How to Fix Your Mascara Mess

Clean the threads around the top of the tube. Sounds a little over-the-top, but keeping the threads completely clean will also help reduce those issues of dry and clumpy mascara. It just takes a minute to add a bit of makeup remover to a tissue to give those threads a quick cleaning.

Rather than pumping the wand in and out of the barrel, give it a little swirl. It will help keep air out of there, which will also keep the mascara nice and fresh.

Clean the wand, every time. Use a little bit of makeup remover and a tissue or a cotton cloth to clean the wand so that your starting clump free before you even reach application point. A clean wand every time you apply will help keep your mascara clump free and looking great.

Keep your mascara on a constant rotation. There’s nothing worse than old makeup and when it comes to mascara (and anything else for the eyes) it’s essential that you throw it out and go for a new one every three months or so.

expert tips on mascara application

During the application process try to refrain from putting on too many coats of mascara in a row. Give your lashes one nice coat and then use an eyelash comb to separate any clumpy areas. Once your lashes are looking dark and full, but still soft, you can go for a second coat.

Just like dealing with eyeliner, if your mascara smudges onto your face or eyelids, keep a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover handy at all times. One quick swipe and you’ll clean up that mascara mess in no time.

Are you a mascara lover too? How do you deal with mascara blunders?



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