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Beauty Basics: 5 Reasons to Start Using a Toner

Loren Ridinger Favorite Skin Care Products

You’ve probably seen toner in the beauty aisles, wondered what it does and passed – thinking maybe next time. Or you’ve tried it, but haven’t stuck with it somewhat unsure of what it does. Well – here’s the thing – toner might be one of the absolute best things to happen to skin since moisturizer. From unclogging pores (and it really works!) to helping create that soft, smooth canvas you’re after – toner, is where it’s at. Haven’t tried it yet and want the details? Here’s a look at five reasons why you should be using toner.


Beauty Basics: 5 Reasons to Start Using a Toner

#1. Gets rid of all that extra dirt and grime.

Washing your face with gentle cleanser is one thing and is a routine you should never skip, but add that extra step of toner and you’ll be sure to get every last speck of unwanted makeup and dirt off your skin.

#2. It helps pores appear smaller.

If you’re feeling like your pores are large and visible, toner will help shrink them up, giving your skin a smooth and soft appearance. It’s also great for removing excess oil.

#3. Toner helps restore PH Balance.

Meaning your skin won’t be too dry or too oily, but just right.

#4. It can help destroy acne causing bacteria.

Toner gets rid of all the excess dirt, grime and dead skin cells, leaving your skin totally clean and refreshed.

#5. Tone is incredibly hydrating.

It provides moisture for the skin and helps your moisturizer sink in to do an even better job. Alcohol-free toners provide what’s essentially like a drink of water for the skin – it’s incredibly refreshing!

Loren Ridinger Favorite Skin Care Products

Ready to try toner? Here are my favorites:

#1. Lumière de Vie® Toner: A great daily choice for all skin types.

#2. Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Toner: Tones and reduces signs of aging. Amazing.

#3. Neutrogena Oil-Eliminating Astringent Clear Pore: A classic choice for the budget-conscious.

#4. Lancome Tonique Confort Comforting Hydrating Toner: Gentle and hydrating for dryer skin types.

Beauty Basics: 4 Great Toners

Do you use a daily toner? Which one’s your favorite?


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