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Beauty Bag Update: How to Clean Out Your Makeup

January 10th, 2017

When the New Year rolls around, we often talk about getting organized, clearing the clutter and starting off on the right foot. But, what about giving your products, especially your makeup, a good overhaul? It’s one of those things that tends to get out of control – even with the best intentions in mind. You’re purchasing new makeup on a pretty regular basis, rotating some things out of the mix, but regardless cracked powders, dirty brushes and really old lipsticks tend to hang around for just too long.

I get it – makeup is an investment! You want quality products – they’re getting applied to your face, after all. But even the most high end makeup has to get tossed after a period of time to keep you, your skin, your eyes and all your other products looking great. Here’s a beauty bag update with five tips on how to clean out your makeup.

Beauty Bag Update: How to Clean Out Your Makeup

#1. Give your makeup brushes a good cleaning – it’s as simple as that. Just like anything else, brushes need to be cleaned on a regular basis – all of those brushes are dipping back into your cosmetics over and over again. Think about all the buildup! All you need is some warm water and antibacterial soap – it takes two minutes.

#2. Use a cosmetic sanitizer to give eyeshadow and other palettes a good cleaning. Simply spritz the sanitizer on the palette, let it dry for a minute or two and you’re good to go! Don’t have special sanitizer? No worries. Simply get some rubbing alcohol and a small spray bottle – spritz away, no problem.

#3. Same goes for lipstick. Think about all the germs touching your lipsticks each time you use them. Then, you put the cover on and the cycle is repeated – over and over. Just like eyeshadow, lipsticks just need a good spritz of rubbing alcohol, use a tissue to wipe clean and dry. And, you’re off!

#4. Give cracked powders and blushes or eyeshadows new life by helping to repair the cracks and give the products a good cleaning. Simply use a bit of rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to soften the product, mold back together and pat it dry. Now it’s repaired and not spilling all over the rest of the products in your bag and it’s disinfected too.

#5. When it doubt, toss it. Especially when it comes to mascara. It’s one of the best tools in your cosmetics arsenal – easy to apply and makes you look like a million bucks in seconds – but it’s touching your eyes on repeat. Don’t mess with this one, just keep mascara on a 3 month rotation – mark a reminder in your calendar every time you’re ready to renew.

What do you think? Is your beauty bag ready for a New Year cleaning session?

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