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8 Things the Introverts in Your Life Need You to Understand


Introverts are energy sponges. They soak up all of the energy radiated in a room, good and bad, which is why social situations leave their energy levels depleted. Introverts are often mistaken as strange, cold, narcissistic, or even sociopathic. Read on to discover a few things the introvert in your life may be trying to tell you.

8 Things the Introverts in Your Life Need You to Understand


#1. They’re highly intuitive

Introverts can usually read your energy and body language like a book. When they’re not entirely wrapped up in their own thoughts and feelings, they’re extremely intuitive and will sense when things don’t feel right.

#2. They’re always thinking about you, even when they’re not.

When their eyes aren’t darting back and forth between a million opened Safari tabs, and their minds aren’t distracted by hundreds of unrelated galloping thoughts, they think about you often; they’ll just be thinking about 50 other things at the same time. Their ability to think more than say can make building strong relationships challenging. At times, their words and actions won’t seem on the same page, so you’ll find yourself questioning if they like you, or even enjoy spending time with you.

#3. They’re major overthinkers.

Introverts are so used to spending time alone that their minds aren’t always courteous to company. Even if you’ve been dating for some time. They’re not ignoring you when they’re silent for long periods of time – they’re simply lost in their over-thinking thoughts.

#4. Small talk is torture.

Introverts struggle to get excited by small talk. In fact, it’s a common pet peeve. Dig deeper conversationally to grasp their attention.

#5. They’re energy sponges.

Social time strips away at their patience and energy levels, meaning they need to limit the amount of time they spend in social situations. Think of introverts at parties like Superman trying to ignore his telepathic signals of people calling him for help – they pick up everything. Common side effects of too much people time include agitation and becoming flustered, signaling they need time to decompress. One-on-one time works better for introverts.

#6. They’re not gifted with verbal words.

Introverts’ minds are usually chaotic with a lot going on at any one time. They likely won’t be articulate when it comes to telling you how they feel about most things, especially you. If they do say the right things, it can often feel off like they’re just telling you what you want to hear. If you’ve ever tried to have a heart-to-heart with an introvert, you’ll likely know that they either said the wrong things, took a vow of silence or went and hid in their introvert shell. Yelling at introverts or demanding they take some form of action to let you into their introverted life in any capacity before you walk out on your relationship with them will get you nowhere. Putting feelings into words is usually not one of their strengths, especially when under pressure.

#7. Patience can bring ultimate loyalty.

Introverts are so conditioned to being misunderstood that if you can display patience and understanding, they will activate their rarely given trust and become one of the most loyal relationships you’ve ever experienced.

#8. Be careful what you ask for.

Introverts say exactly what they mean. If you’re not mentally or emotionally equipped to hear the blunt truth, ask someone else.


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