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8 Signs You're a Workaholic


An employee with a strong work ethic is an asset to any organization, but there's a fine line between a hard worker and a workaholic. You're no good to anyone if you're burning out and not taking care of yourself. If you relate to more than half of the typical traits below, it may be time to hit the work brakes and incorporate some me-time into your daily routine.

1. You don't have any personal hobbies, so find yourself lost on the rare occasions when you're not working. It's important to take time to unwind and decompress at the end of a long day or a long week.

2. You're always the first in the office each morning, and one of the last to leave.

3. You never take breaks, and lunchtime usually consists of eating at your desk. I think most of us are guilty of this one!

4. You regularly make yourself, and your needs your last priority.

5. You are yet to take an actual vacation or a sick day. Holidays and sick days are important to unplug and recharge your mental and physical batteries.

6. You're on call 24-7. Everyone deserves quiet time; especially during evenings and at weekends. Set healthy boundaries to ensure you're present in the moment and not missing out on life.

7. You consistently cancel rare social events to prioritize work tasks.

8. Everyone comes to you to ask for help with their work tasks because they know you'll never say no. Learn to say no, sometimes.

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