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8 Fitness Instagram Accounts To Get You Motivated

It’s pretty incredible that we’ve already reached the time of year when we start thinking about resolutions for the next one, but we have. For many of us, that means getting healthy in 2015 by finding our stride with fitness and a healthy diet. So why not get a head start? Sometimes a little peek at how some others are getting fit can be just the motivation you need. So how about putting that Instagram account to work and checking out a photo stream of other healthy ladies for a bit of inspiration? If you’re ready to take the plunge, here’s a roundup of 8 Instagram accounts that will get you motivated to hit the gym today!

This 25 year old survived cancer and continues to kick butt by living life to the fullest through yoga and an all-around healthy lifestyle. Her sheer determination and positive attitude is beyond inspiring.


This young, 19-year old healthy living guru will really get you motivated as she details recipes and workouts in each post. Not to mention – her recipes look delicious!


For a look at the ultimate in hard work and great bods, this collection of photos and videos will have you getting exactly what you want out of your fitness routine in no time.


This dynamic duo will give you all the tools you need to make sure you stay on the right track with eating. Can’t think of what to make for dinner? Take a peek at this Insta feed.


This account might have a whole load of selfies, but she’s great at giving you the motivation to understand that hard work and dedication will get you to the body you dream of.


Gym not for you? You’re more of an outdoor enthusiast, hit the trails kinda gal? No prob. This Insta feed will have you chomping at the bit to get out your sneaks and hit the ground running.


Ballet and dance more your scene? Check out Misty Copeland (the ballet soloist who made headlines as part of the Underarmour I will what I want campaign), her gorgeous strength will have you up and off the couch faster than you can blink.


Check out this account to see women around the globe kicking butt clear into next week! It’s inspiring and makes you want to break your own barriers and meet goals you didn’t know possible.


There are so many inspiring Instagram accounts out there? What are your faves?