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7 Tips to Help You Stop Snacking Mindlessly

June 18th, 2013

You can’t eat just one! I feel that way about so many different foods and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Figuring out how to stop snacking can be difficult, especially when you’re bored/stressed/lonely/etc. When you start viewing food as fuel and not a comfort, it gets easier to stop snacking mindlessly – you’ll become more aware of your habits and get your diet back on track.


7 Tips to Help You Stop Snacking Mindlessly

  • Are you thirsty? Drink a bottle of water first to see if you just need to quench your thirst
  • Stop buying junk food and keeping it in your house or at your desk
  • Don’t eat straight out of the container/bag/bowl. Measure out your portion
  • Keep your fruit out where you can see it so when you’re hungry, it’s in your reach
  • Don’t multi-task. When you’re eating, just focus on the food. Don’t watch TV or talk on the phone
  • Stop snacking when you’re bored. Make a list of go-to boredom activities and stick to it
  • Go to sleep early – late night snacking will derail all of your hard work!

Do you have a problem with snacking too much? Do you have any other tips to stop snacking?



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