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7 Signs You're the Crazy Chick to Date

crazy chick

I may have been one of the few lucky ones who met their soulmate at an early age, but that doesn't mean I haven't heard my fair share of crazy dating stories. Most people have acted crazy in love at some point during their lifetimes, so how do you know you're not the crazy chick to date? If you tick yes to most of the signs below, it may be time to assess whether it's the type of people you're dating who are bringing out your dark side, or whether you merely aren't ready to be in a relationship until you've learned to love yourself first.

7 Signs You're the Crazy Chick to Date

crazy chick

#1. You're a phone terrorist.

Are you continually blowing up their phone 24-7 with texts and phone calls? If the answer is yes, what's driving you to act this way? Fear of abandonment, lack of trust? Identify the cause of this behavior so that you can address it before you push your love interest away.

#2. You stalk them (online or offline).

If you're monitoring their every move online, you're insecure. Either they're making you feel inadequate, or you have insecurities you need to confront. Focus on yourself and finding things you enjoy instead of looking for problems and going any further down the crazy rabbit hole. If you stalk your partners in real life too, you need to seek professional help. This kind of behavior is not healthy and will sabotage every relationship you ever have.

#3. You view everyone as a threat.

Female intuition is powerful; if you have a genuine sense that the person you're with is untrustworthy, you need to address that or end the relationship. If however, you view every member of the same sex as a threat to your relationship, the problem is inside you. Explore why you feel insecure, and work on letting those feelings and behaviors go.

#4. You find yourself lying a lot.

If you lie to hide embarrassing behaviors you know aren't right, such as obsessively trying to look through their phone for no reason, or to manipulate the person you're dating to change their plans or to feel guilty, you are not in control of your emotions or behaviors. Work on identifying the source of your actions.

#5. You see red during minor arguments.

If you lose your temper regularly during arguments, no matter how minor and trivial, you need to explore why. Throwing things, spewing words with the intent to hurt, and acts of physical violence towards your partner are never OK. Seek help to work on controlling your emotions before you go too far.

#6. You've burned all of your bridges.

If you've burned all of your bridges and are lacking in long-term friends and associates, some of your behaviors may be interpreted as crazy, and are potentially pushing people away.

#7. You're obsessed with partners popping the question.

Nothing screams crazy quite like someone who's obsessed with getting married. Live in the moment. Focus on making yourself happy, and have faith that marriage will come when the person, and time, is right.