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7 Proven Ways to Upgrade Your Mental Health

upgrade your mental health

Our high-stress workaholic lifestyles can wear us down over time and chip away at our state of mind. Read on to discover six proven ways to upgrade your mental health instantly.

1. Work out.

Exercise relieves stress, increases energy levels, and releases feel-good hormones and chemicals. Not a fan of hitting the gym during 'rush hour?' Why not join a local sports team that will hold you accountable for committing to your fitness on a long-term basis? Great networking opportunities too.

2. Go healthy!

A balanced diet bursting with natural vitamins and minerals is vital when it comes to achieving and maintaining peak mental and physical wellness. Trash the high-sugar and fatty snacks and see how much more energetic and stronger you feel.

3. Drink less alcohol.

Alcohol is a known depressant. Drinking heavily can worsen your physical and mental well-being. Enjoy alcohol in moderation, and avoid drinking when you're highly stressed or feeling depressed. Find a hobby that lifts your spirits, like spending time in nature or at the beach.

4. Be nicer to yourself.

We are all guilty of scrutinizing ourselves too harshly sometimes instead of cutting ourselves some slack. Cut off negative self-talk as soon as you feel it creeping into your mind. Replace your negative inner-voice with positive words about yourself until the feelings of self-doubt pass.

5. Take time out daily.

Everyone has time to give themselves twenty minutes per day doing something they love. Find a time to fit a daily ritual into your schedule, and you'll feel instantly uplifted.

6. Stay connected.

Remote working is a major trend right now, and it's a massive contributor to more efficient job productivity. The negative? Working from home without any social interaction can affect mental health. We need to feel connected and supported to be happy. Join a local team, start a class in something you've always wanted to try, or volunteer in your local community. Find new ways to connect with people for the greater good.

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