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6 Surprising Reasons Why You Feel Lonely


If you still feel lonely despite how many people surround you with love, it may be time to look inwards and address what's causing you to feel lonely and isolated.

6 Surprising Reasons Why You Feel Lonely


#1. You're waiting for someone to make you feel whole.

Your love interest could sprinkle you with all of the attention and love you need, but if you don't feel happy and worthy on the inside, the only person who can change that is you. You have to be the hero of your story.

#2. You care too much what others think.

Worrying about what everyone thinks of you is a waste of time and energy. Of course, naturally, we want everyone to like us, but the reality is that not everyone will. The only person's opinion of you that truly matters is yours. How you think about yourself is pivotal to a happy life.

#3. You don't love yourself.

If you don't love yourself, you're unknowingly sending out those energy vibrations to the world. People pick up on those and will treat you the way you treat yourself. Work on loving and accepting yourself. Learn to love spending time alone being your own best friend. Once you've mastered self-love, you'll find all of your future relationships are far more positive and happy.

#4. You struggle to communicate your feelings.

Baby steps - start by confiding your feelings to one person who you implicitly trust and feel comfortable confiding in. Talking helps develop bonds, and you'll feel less alone.

#5. You haven't figured out your why.

Not everyone currently knows which direction they're going in or why, and that's OK. To give your life purpose, work on identifying your why.

#6. is it you or your circle?

If none of the above apply, could it be that you're surrounding yourself with the wrong people? We're blessed with a handful of true alliances in our lifetimes. If some of the characters within your central social circle don't make you feel unconditionally loved and supported, take some time away from the group. Focus on spending one-on-one time with a real friend who always uplifts your soul. You may find it was particular associates that are triggering negative feelings.