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6 Steps for Making Your Lipstick Last

6 Lipstick Colors Every Woman Should Own | Loren's World

Lipstick is such a personal choice. Sometimes you like to go neutral and understated. Other times you may like to get bold. But, no matter what your mood, we can all agree that we want our lipstick to last all day.

There’s no getting around it – having to reapply repeatedly is not what you’re after. Not knowing if you still have bold colored lips just before you head into a meeting? It’s unacceptable and has to be solved. From exfoliating to adding a dab of concealer, here are the six steps I swear by for making lipstick last for the long haul.

6 Lipstick Colors Every Woman Should Own | Loren's World

6 Steps for Making Your Lipstick Last

Step #1: Stay on top of exfoliating your lips. May sound a little crazy (or like, who has time for this???), but when it comes down to it, keeping your pout perfectly soft helps lipstick go on smooth and stay there. Using a toothbrush to gently exfoliate each night will get the job done just fine, but adding an exfoliator like Motives Lip Pumice will give you the smoothest pout around.

Step #2: Use concealer to create the perfect canvas. When it comes to setting the stage for lip color, it’s just like your face and your eyelids – using concealer to create a base will not only smooth things out, it will also provide something for that lip color to cling onto – and, lock it in.

Step #3: Lip liner is one of the best ways to create a barrier, i.e. keep that lip color on your lips – exactly where it’s supposed to be. Try using a nude liner, rather than a liner that matches your lip color to create a distinct edge and keep lip color locked in. Motives Lip Crayon in Neutral is great for this.

How to Properly Apply Lipstick | Loren's World

Step #4: Blot, blot, blot. It’s an old-school solution, but it’s also a good one. If you want to get the job done (and done well) be sure to take a tissue after you’ve applied your color and blot away. This helps get rid of any excess product and any oils that may make product slide off throughout the day,

Step #5: Translucent powder is an absolute must if you want to keep that lip color looking bold and staying in place all day long. Be sure to go through your whole process first – exfoliate, neutral liner, add color and blot..then, follow with a light dusting of translucent powder to lock it in. Motives Luminous Translucent Powder is one of my absolute faves.

Step #6: Once you’ve set the stage for your lips – you’ve followed steps one through five…one last coat of color will absolutely seal the deal. Yup – go for it, one more! This final coat is the one that will go the distance, giving you that great, bold color all day long.

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How about you? Got any great tips for making your lipstick last?


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