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6 Signs It's Time to Say Goodbye

time to say goodbye

Sometimes we have to let people we care infinitely about go because adulting is hard sometimes. Whether it's a toxic friendship or relationship, neither are good for your health or peace of mind. Here are a few signs it's time to say goodbye.

6 Signs It's Time to Say Goodbye

time to say goodbye

#1. You're Unhappy

If they frequently make you feel sad and alone, whether you realize it or not, they're already having a negative impact on your health, mood, and productivity.

#2. You Don't Know Where You Stand

Anyone who pushes you to question what you mean to them or how they feel about you (unless it's a fresh relationship) likely doesn't know either. Follow your intuition.

#3. They've Changed

The personality you liked about them so much, in the beginning, has vanished leaving you wondering if that person ever existed.

#4. They're Fading Away

If you speak to them and see them less and less, they're already disappearing from your life. Without communication, a relationship will always fall apart. If the time they do spend with you feels more like an obligation than quality time, you're already drifting apart.

#5. You Can't Trust Them

You may or may not know why, but something in you just can't trust them. If they don't fight for you when they can feel you slipping away, it's likely because they don't care. If they keep doing the same things they know hurt you, it's because they don't care enough to change.

#6. You Feel Like You're Flogging a Dead Horse

Ask yourself if they've truly made as much effort in this relationship as you have. If the answer is no, face the fear - pull away and give them the opportunity to prove themselves to you. Love isn't always enough. If you're holding on to the potential you see in them to be a good friend or partner rather than how they actually perform, you could be fighting a losing battle. You deserve better, but you should already know this.