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6 Secret Tips to Growing Out Your Hair

December 3rd, 2017

Sick of having short hair? It’s amazing how we can end up all over the map with our hair….we want it short and then suddenly, we want it long. We have it curly, but we wish it was straight. We get gorgeous highlights and then we find ourselves ogling after brunettes. No matter what, it’s OK to change your mind…it’s your hair afterall! But what do you do when you want it to start growing out your hair? It can feel like it takes forever. If this is you, then you need some serious tips for getting it to grow. Keep reading for six secrets to growing out your hair— fast.

6 Secret Tips to Growing Out Your Hair

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  1. Dial back the washing frequency. It may seem counterintuitive, but if you wash your hair less you help it stay and be healthier by keeping all those natural oils intact. Shampoo strips hair of all those oils, therefore slowing down the growth process. Get on a schedule of washing hair just a few times a week and you’ll be good to go.
  2. Brush your hair…when it’s dry. Have you ever heard of dry brushing the body? It’s so good for stimulating the skin and it turns out it’s great for your hair too. Instead of brushing your hair when it’s wet, brush daily when dry…it will help remove all that dirt and dust buildup, while also distributing those healthy natural oils through your locks.
  3. Be conscious of your diet. What you put into your body on a daily basis affects the way you look and feel and when it comes to hair, a healthy diet will keep it growing at a pretty rapid pace. Remember to include lots of lean proteins and foods that are rich in omega-3’s. Same goes for nutrient-packed foods like leafy greens (spinach, kale, chard), eggs, salmon, walnuts, greek yogurt, and berries. Not only will you feel great from a whole-foods based diet, but your hair will love it too.
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We talk about the importance of drinking lots of water so much around here, but that’s because it’s so good for every part of your body, including your hair! Staying hydrated from head to toe will keep your body in tip top shape and help get your hair to grow fast.
  5. Skip the heating tools whenever possible. If there’s any way for you to get away with air drying your hair instead of breaking out the blow dryer? Then skip it! Same goes for other hot tools like flat and curling irons…on the days you can go natural – then do it. Your locks will appreciate staying conditioned and hydrated rather than getting dry from hot styling treatments. Go natural and let it grow!
  6. Use hydrating masks, oils and conditioning treatments once a week. Sometimes your hair just needs that extra hydration and love. Conditioning is the way to get it done. Coconut oil, avocados and argon oil are all great options for giving hair that extra moisture boost.

What do you think about this post on growing out your hair? Are these some changes and ideas you can incorporate into your day to day to help your hair grow faster?

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