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6 Proven Steps to Start Learning How to Love Yourself Now

how to love yourself

If you’re looking for scientifically proven ways to boost your self-love, I’ve got just what you need. Keep reading for a proven process on how to love yourself right now from Dr. Margaret Paul.

6 Proven Steps to Start Learning How to Love Yourself Now

how to love yourself

Six Steps of Inner Bonding:
1. Let Yourself Feel Pain, and Be Responsible for Every Single One of Your Feelings.

Compassionately embrace your feelings as you follow your breath and feel present in your body. The goal of step one is to move toward your feelings.

2. Shift Your Intentions Toward Learning.

In inner bonding, there are only two intentions that can be made at any time: to protect yourself from pain or to learn about what you are doing or thinking that might be causing that pain. For step two, become open to a loving higher presence entering your heart and allowing yourself to open up and learn more about loving yourself.

3. Learn About False Beliefs.

Step three is an exploration step that dives deep into your behavior and beliefs about what may be causing you pain. Ask the questions of your feeling self (or your inner child) and allow the answers to come from your feelings. Keep asking the tough questions to find out what’s happening to you emotionally and why you may feel abandonment issues, heartbroken, or any other number of problems that are detrimental to self-love.

4. Start a Dialogue with Your Higher Self.

If you are open to learning and loving yourself, this isn’t as hard as you may think it is. The answers will come – it may take time, and they make come in dreams, in symbols, but they will come. Just be patient and keep your heart open and ready to receive them.

5. Put Step 4 into Action.

Once your higher self has spoken to you, take the loving action that they gave you and put it into practice.

6. Evaluate the Action.

After you’ve taken the loving action and put it into practice, take some time to reflect on your feelings. Evaluate your pain and other emotions to see if you are healing. If not, repeat steps 1 through 5 until you feel the peace, self-worth, and love that you deserve.

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