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5 Ways to Celebrate National Stress Awareness Day Today

national stress awareness day

We are guilty of taking on too much and not taking the time out our minds and bodies require to unplug and rejuvenate. Today is National Stress Awareness Day, so what better day is there to take some time out for you?

5 Ways to Celebrate National Stress Awareness Day Today
1. Book in for a massage.

Check out Groupon or similar platforms and find the best massage deals near you. They may not be able to fit you in immediately today, but at least you can book a little relaxation for yourself this weekend, and have something to look forward to all week. A 60-minute massage is a classic way to unwind from a stressful day, week, month, or life.

2. Book a weekend getaway.

If you're not taking time out to recharge often enough, you're not running at your full potential. Book a weekend getaway alone or with a loved one to truly unplug and take some time out. Where you go is up to you; where does your soul feel at peace? Beach, city, and forest getaways are all great for rejuvenation.

3. Have a pamper night.

Take a long, luxurious bubble bath and use all of the wonderfully indulgent face and hair masks you've been 'saving' for a special occasion. Your whole body will thank you.

4. Stop depriving yourself.

Stop telling yourself you don't have time for daily stress relief. Everyone has 10 minutes a day to spare to de-stress and boost their mental and physical health. Make time for yourself every day for the rest of 2019.

5. Meditate.

Jump on the meditation bandwagon and watch the positive impact it has on your life almost instantly.

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