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5 Sure Signs Someone's Using You

signs someone's using you

We've all learned by now that not everyone who enters our lives has good intentions. Sometimes, the people we consider closest to us are the people using us to their advantage. Whether it's a friend or a partner, here are 5 signs someone's using you.

1. They only call when they need something (again).

Calling only for help is the biggest tell-tale sign out there. He or she disappears for weeks or months on end, only calling when they need a favor from you. During each long-term disappearance, you may receive a random text, but that's likely just them checking in to keep the lines of communication open.

2. They're always in need.

Every time they call you or you hang out, you hear a sob story about how broke they are or how they need help with something. Users are usually too experienced in the art of deception to ask you for handouts outright. Sometimes they just drop hints so obviously, it's almost painful to listen to and makes you feel uncomfortable.

3. It's a one-way street.

Do they offer you their help as much as they hint at needing yours? Probably not. The same goes for if they tend to forget everything important you tell them about your life.

4. You catch negative feedback.

If multiple people tell you this person is speaking negatively about you behind your back, that's a huge red flag. People who talk badly about you don't care about your reputation, which means you need to banish his or her toxic presence from your life immediately.

5. They guilt-trip you.

Users are seasoned guilt-trippers who know how to manipulate people to get what they want. Run for the hills. A real friend or loving partner knows boundaries.

If you recognize the signs someone is using you, start distancing yourself from the toxic culprit in your life and tell them a polite yet confident no the next time that they ask for your help. You'll probably find they start fading away into the background until finally disappearing from your life once they find someone else to use.