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5 Skincare Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

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Obviously, our faces are our first impressions to the world. Which is why I’m borderline obsessive about my skin. I’ve been able to gather a few tips for proper skin care along the way from experts and my experiences in the beauty industry. Here are my top five tips and tricks when it comes to taking care of your precious face.

1. Don’t Touch!

Most of us loooove to pick at our pores (gross). But do you know how dirty your nails and fingers are? All your doing is spreading germs and infections. Visit an expert facialist if you really need to pop a pimple.

2. Drink

Not that kind of drinking… I’m talking about water. Think of it this way if you hair is dry and your legs are dry, your face is most likely dry. So drink at least 8 glasses of water just to be sure. And for every glass of alcohol or coffee, you’re going to want to make up for by drinking two glasses of water. That’s sure to make you second-guess that Starbucks run.

3. Protect

Some people will tell you sunblock is poison, but you need to protect your skin from uv rays. So make sure you do your research when purchasing sunblock. And don’t rely solely on the lotion: make sure you cover up, too. If you’re out in the sun wear a hat and sunglasses—sounds like my kind of fabulous!

4. Watch What You Eat

It’s really hard to determine what foods are bad for your skin, but just use your common sense. Greasy foods are going to produce oil, so stay away from the fries. Maintain a diet that is low in fat and heavy on the veggies and fruit.

5. Sleep

Your skin needs at least six hours of sleep to rejuvenate. If you don’t get enough sleep one night make sure you exfoliate the next morning to get rid of the dead skin cells.

One more trick that isn’t on the list is to smile. It makes everyone’s skin glow!



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