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5 Signs You're Dating the One

the one

I don't need to be single to know via my friends that modern dating is a minefield. There are so many apps, rules, and games encouraged to play its easy to lose track of what the point was of dating in the first place. To me, the whole purpose of dating is to find the person you will grow old with who makes you happy. Here are a few signs you've met the one.

1. Hello, Contentment!

If you're out with your partner at a bar and you're both focused on each other without looking around to see who else is there, it's a great sign. Being content in each others' company and not caring who sees you out and about together means you only seem to have eyes for each other.

2. They Support You

When your lover is genuinely happy and supportive of your achievements, it means they're content and confident in their own lives and have no intention of holding you back.

3. They Fit

One of the best signs you've met the one is when it feels like they just fit into your life. For example, your friends and family adore them, and they share similar interests and dreams to you.

4. They Listen

Long-term relationships require excellent communication. If your partner listens to you, cares about how you feel, and shows you love when you're sad, they're a reliable potential partner.

5. They Voice Their Boundaries

The majority of breakups happen because one partner is incapable of communicating how they feel. A breakdown in communication ultimately leads to resentment and growing apart. If your partner isn't afraid to put their foot down and tells you when you've crossed one of their boundaries, it's a definite sign you've met the one. The right person will grow with you, and won't let you walk all over them.

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