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5 Fun Workouts to Do at Home

When you finally make the big decision that it’s time to get in shape, relegating yourself to trying to pass time on the treadmill isn’t going to get you excited about it. But, starting out on your own turf – at home – is a great way to go. From Zumba to beach workouts you can do right in your living room, there’s nothing more inspiring than when working out is actually fun. That's what will keep you coming back for more, and get you into a healthy daily practice. Time flies when you're having fun, right? So let's get to it! Here’s a roundup of some of 5 fun workouts to do at home. Because you just can't beat a dance party (of one!) in your living room when you're trying to get fit.

5 Fun Workouts to Do at Home

#1. Ahh Tush it Good…Beach Workout with the Tone it Up Girls


#2. Zumba with Mariadela Ramirez


#3. Yoga For Weight Loss - 40 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout!


#4. Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps - Shaun T Workout


#5. The Sweat Spot Dance Party Workout


What are some of your favorite fun workouts to do at home? I'd love to hear some of your choices!