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5 Dating Warning Signs You Need to Watch out for

dating warning signs

When you meet someone new whose energy aligns with you and sparks fly, it's easy to miss a few subtle yet revealing dating warning signs. It's important to remember that any new friendship or love interest that enters our life only shares what they want us to know in the early days. Watching out for warning signs helps prevent the likelihood of investing your time and heart in the wrong people.

1. Overly Selfish Characteristics

If every date has to be on his or her terms, you could be dealing with a highly selfish person. Remember that people tend to show us their best side first, so selfish behavior, in the beginning, could get a whole lot worse over time.

2. Narcissism

Narcissists are the perfect chameleons so it can be challenging to detect narcissism until you've been dating for a couple of months or more. They're highly skilled at tapping into your wants and needs at first before making your whole life about them. Watch out for highly manipulative behaviors that often 'punish' you when they don't get their way. The only way to effectively deal with narcissists is to run away - as fast as you can.

3. Lack of Empathy

Empathy is an essential skill required for any positive adult relationship.

4. Spite

Listen carefully to how your date speaks about their ex-partners. If they display spite and are hell bent on revenge, don't ignore this significant red flag.

5. Socializing

Take every opportunity to hang with your new love interest's friends and family. You'll learn a lot about their character by who they surround themselves with, and you'll notice if they behave differently towards you around other people. If your new boo is reluctant to introduce you to any of their inner circle weeks or months into your love story, it's a huge warning sign that could mean they're not being honest with you or aren't invested in a long-term relationship with you.

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