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5 Brilliant Ways to Tame the Overthinking Beast

overthinking beast

We’ve already established that overthinking is a negative black hole that never leads anywhere good. Here are five brilliant ways to stop your mind from overthinking and ruining your life. Trust me when I say that if left to roam free, overthinking can – and will – destroy everything good in your life. You have to tame that overthinking beast.

5 Brilliant Ways to Tame the Overthinking Beast

overthinking beast

#1 Self-awareness allows for change.

Every time you become aware that you are overthinking when you feel those familiar niggles of doubt, stress or anxiety sneaking up on you, stop what you’re doing. Take 3 deep breaths in and out. Making yourself aware when you’re engaging in these negative thought patterns symbolizes the start of change. Consciously extinguishing these cynical thought cycles gives you the power to gain control of your thoughts, therefore your mind.

#2 Focus on what could go right.

The universe often has a way of guiding us in the directions we need to go. When you start worrying about everything that could go wrong, stop what you’re doing – immediately! Concentrate on all of the beautiful outcomes that could go right!

#3 Not everything’s about you.

Overthinkers are prone to taking things personally. If he or she hasn’t called, or he or she seems ‘off’ with you, maybe they’re just having a bad day. When people are stressed, they give off negative vibes – they’re not necessarily aimed at you, so stop racking your brain to try and work out if they’re mad at you. If you’re that worried in a few hours time, ask them what’s up.

#4 Distract your mind.

When you start overthinking, hit the gym or distract yourself by doing something that you enjoy. Those negative feelings will soon evaporate when you don’t feed the beast.

#5 Convert fear into opportunities.

Fear can be a powerful emotion – especially if you convert your fear into opportunity-building. If something worries you, create a strategy with a backup plan in case things do go wrong. You’ll be surprised how much stress and anxiety this simple process will eradicate.


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