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5 Beauty Products Worth Spending Your Paycheck On

5 Beuty Products Worth Spending Your Paycheck On, paycheck, motives, beauty, makeup,

Creating Motives® has taught me so much about the skincare world. With Motives® we try to bring you the best of the best for you and your customers. At the same time, we have reasonable prices to help you save and enjoy these products any way you like! Below are some of my favorite products that I think you should invest in right now. These will make for great gifts for any beauty lover in your life. Make these products a treat for yourself! Read on to learn more!

5 Beauty Products Worth Spending Your Paycheck On


Motives® In The Mix Palette, Motives® Cosmetics, $29.95

Motives® Liquid Metal Eye Shadow, Motives® Cosmetics, $24.95

Motives® Luminous Translucent Loose Powder, Motives® Cosmetics, $22.95

Motives® Metallic Paints, Motives® Cosmetics, $24.95

Motives® Illuminating Liquid Foundation, Motives® Cosmetics, $35.00


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