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4 Brilliant Ways to Bounce Back When Life Feels Stagnant


Feeling uninspired, unmotivated, and lacking purpose can lead to life seeming stagnant. If procrastination starts seeping into our days, it results in feelings of disconnect; like we're walking around in circles without knowing where we're going.

4 Brilliant Ways to Bounce Back When Life Feels Stagnant


How do you know when your existence is stagnant? You're procrastinating on your goals, you feel drained of energy, you're bored, and you know that you're under-achieving. Here are a few steps to take to bounce back and start living your best life.

#1. Acknowledgment.

Acknowledge, without judging yourself, that your life is currently stagnant and needs a little TLC to get things back on track.

#2. Get inspired.

Stagnation comes from boredom, and a lack of excitement which is why I always say not pursuing your goals is spiritual suicide. Life is so beautiful, and we only get one shot at it. You have to identify, write down, and pursue your goals like your life depends on it; because it does! Write down what you want most in life, and map out a strategy to get there. Remember, sometimes our priorities in life change, so we need to adapt our goals accordingly.

#3. Change your routine.

Mindlessly following the same schedule every day can become tedious and mind-numbing. Try a new exercise class, work from a new location, spend time with different friends you haven't seen for a while. Even small changes like listening to different playlists can help you out of a rut.

#4. Unplug.

Life has a habit of overwhelming us at times either due to heavy workloads, family commitments, or all of the above. Making time for yourself is essential. Take a vacation somewhere that makes your soul feel at peace, self-reflect, and refuel your purpose.