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3 Ways to Stop Caring About the Little Things in Life

Do you spend your day wasting time on energy on things which, in the bigger scheme of things, don’t really matter? You’re not alone. We’re all guilty of it sometimes. If you’ve read the best-selling book by blogger Mark Manson, you’ll know there is an art to learning ways to stop caring about the little things in life and what others think about you so that you enjoy a far happier existence. Read on to discover 3 steps to caring less.

3 Ways to Stop Caring About the Little Things in Life
1. Become comfortable with adversity.

When we were teenagers, it was expected that we act indifferently and like we didn’t care about anything. In adult life, not caring means the complete opposite. It means we don’t care what others think about us and we don’t bow down to anyone or anything in the face of adversity. We go after what we want because we don’t care about what anyone else has to say. Nor are we scared of failing in front of people we don’t really care about in reality.

2. Learn to let go of the little things.

If you spend your days getting wound up and stressed over the little things that make no real impact on your life, you’re wasting your time and energy For example, although rude, does someone not thanking you for holding the door open for them make a difference to your life? No. Pick your battles. Save your strength for caring about things that matter, like going after your goals.

3. Retain a positive mindset.

When two or three little things go wrong in your morning, it’s easy to go down the ‘this whole day is a disaster’ rabit hole. Don’t do it. As soon as you allow yourself to think this way, your whole day probably will descend into a negative black hole. When you think about it, does it matter that you spilled your coffee, missed your train, or your car wouldn’t start? Focus on finding solutions, not wallowing in defeat.

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