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3 Practical Ways Smart People Deal with Rude People

rude people

Some days we have no choice but to deal with rude people. Whether you’re grabbing groceries, meeting with a new client, or heading out on a first date, there is potential for ill-mannered encounters everywhere. Maybe some days, you’re the rude person. Hear me out. On days when we’re stressed out, we don’t realize how negatively we may be communicating with others — making us the rude encounters. Hence why the primary way smart people deal with rudeness is to remember not to take it personally.

1. It’s Not Personal

Noone gives their best self when they’re stressed. Think about your last bad day; were you sunshine and rainbows to everyone? It’s not personal, so let it wash over your head and move on with your life.

2. Kill Rudeness with Kindness

Smart people know the best way to block negativity is to reflect it. When people are rude, respond with kindness. It stops the cycle of brutality. A simple act of compassion when we’re having a bad day ourselves can make a world of difference.

3. Laugh it Off

The best antidote to anger is laughter. You can turn someone’s day around if you make them laugh in their moment of despair.

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