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3 Perfect Eyeliners for the Holidays

3 Perfect Eyeliners for the Holidays

The holidays are now upon us, which means this is the perfect time to jazz up your makeup look. One of the easiest ways to dress up your face and take your look from day to dazzling is with the simple addition of a glamorous eyeliner. In this list, I’ve included a bold color, a sparkly glitter, and a classic inky black to achieve 3 very festive holiday varieties. If you’re going to do one thing to change up your usual routine for party makeup styles, updating your eyeliner would definitely be my recommendation.

3 Perfect Eyeliners for the Holidays

3 Perfect Eyeliners for the Holidays

1. Motives Khol Liner in Green EnvyFor a variation on the norm, add color eyeliner to your look. Green is on-trend for fall and perfect for winter during holiday celebrations. Smudge it to add more dimension at the lash line and top off with black.

2. Motives Glitter Eyeliner in Gold DiggerAdding a little sparkle to your holiday look is a gorgeous option this time of year. Gold is a perfect touch of dazzle over inky black for holiday parties and New Year’s celebration. Add some to the inner corner of your eye for a truly festive touch.

3. Motives Luxe Precision Eye Liner in Jet BlackIf you want to try a dramatic cateye, or want that inky black sultry touch to anchor your eye makeup, this is definitely the tool you want to use. Even if you’re not a pro, this liner will make it easy to create fluid lines with exact precision.

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