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3 Must-Have Crystals for Manifesting Abundance

crystals for manifesting abundance

Crystals have gone from being mystical and mysterious to accessible and abundant in the past couple of years. I’ve seen everything from crystal-infused lip balm to crystal healing massages; everyone is trying to get onboard the crystal popularity train. And it’s easy to see why: they are the crown jewels of nature’s beautiful creations. They are also believed to have incredible healing properties and serve as vessels for helping people manifest their biggest dreams. Read on for the best crystals for manifesting abundance.

3 Must-Have Crystals for Manifesting Abundance

crystals for manifesting abundance

If you want to take your entrepreneurial game to the next level, keep reading to find out what crystals are my must-haves for manifesting abundance and attracting success.

Crystal: Pyrite

Attributes: Pyrite, or “fool’s gold,” is a shiny, gold crystal, and, you might be surprised to learn, is a symbol of luck often known as the abundance stone.

How to Use: Keep pyrite near your money (like the inside of a cash register at your business, or in your purse or wallet) or your desk to help you manifest more money through the work you do.


Crystal: Citrine

Attributes: A predominantly yellow gem, but citrine comes in varying shades.

Why it helps with manifesting abundance: Citrine enables you to assert your personal power and channel financial abundance. Put a citrine crystal on your third chakra (solar plexus) when you’re meditating to plant the seed of increased financial means. As a bonus, citrine is also fantastic for boosting confidence.


Crystal: Rose quartz

Attributes: A light pink form of quartz, often featured with some translucence.

Why it helps with manifesting abundance: Rose quartz is often used as the love and compassion crystal. Self-love is extremely important when it comes to manifesting success. You have to believe in yourself and get rid of the negativity before you can bring about abundance and goodness.


Have you used crystals as part of a manifestation ritual before? Tweet me your favorite crystals and why you love them @lorenridinger or leave me some love in the comment section below.


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